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Julia Child by Kyo Maclear

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Image of Julia Child by Kyo Maclear
  • Image of Julia Child by Kyo Maclear
  • Image of Julia Child by Kyo Maclear
  • Image of Julia Child by Kyo Maclear
  • Image of Julia Child by Kyo Maclear

Spices that take away worry and bring wonder, delicious food that slows down the hurry and cupcakes that take away the feeling of never enough-ness! We all could do with a taste of young Julia’s miracle cuisine!

Like Virginia Wolfe, Maclear has been influenced by an iconic woman in history. Elements of truth a woven with fantasy to tell the story of Julia Child - a child named Julia with a love of French food and a belief that you can never have too much butter! Julia and her friend Simca enjoy shopping for ingredients at the markets to create inventive new dishes driven by their imaginations and desire to cook forever. They experiment. Things don’t always go to plan, but they practice and practice and learn new tricks of the trade. Cooking makes them happy and it strengthens their friendship. They never want to grow old because grown-ups are “big, busy people - wary and worried, hectic and hurried”. But Julia and Simca have a plan to bring joy and colour back into the lives of grown-ups through food.

Julia Child is a cheerful story for kids with a wonderful message, and also a reminder for us grown-ups to enjoy the simple pleasures and take time away from the worry and hurry and never enough-ness. To instead slow down and be generous and eat cupcakes iced in imagination, sprinkled with curiosity and filled with rosy fun!

This edition of Julia Child also features a poster on the inside of the dust jacket. A lovely way to be reminded of Julia and Simca’s wonderful message.

This book would pair beautifully as a complete gift with our personalised Liberty and linen aprons.