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Little Boys Blue



Image of Farmyard
  • Image of Farmyard

This divine handmade wooden farmyard comes with absolutely everything you need to keep all your farm animals safe and organised!

It comes with a stable and yard, pig pen, duck pond, chicken coup and dog kennel.

Featuring two stables, each with a swinging gate and a water trough AND a complete yard with internal and external gates.

A pig pen with water trough, feed trough and a pig playing in the mud.

A duck pond with a duck swimming.

A dog kennel and a chicken coup.

The farmyard measures 60 x 60cm

Loved by children 3-15

Animals are sold separately and can be purchased from the ‘FARM ANIMALS’ tab.

Looking for something slightly different, bigger, smaller, to house other animals etc? Please be in contact with me so I can show you some other products which might be just what you are looking for!

Please note - As these yards are handmade from available materials, yards can vary in base colour and in design other than pictured.

Shipping - Please allow at least 3 weeks from date of order before item is shipped to you.

* This stunning wooden farmyard is handmade in Qld Australia.